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The Bunker provides the most secure data centres in the UK, located within purpose built, ex-Ministry of Defence facilities that are armoured, nuclear bomb proof military specified fortresses.

Our Kent Facility

Our Newbury Facility


This unequalled level of security and redundancy is coupled with the ability to support high levels of power, cooling and stringent access control procedures. Our facilities are staffed 24/7/365 by security, technical and network staff able to provide remote hands or carry out more complex tasks including full system builds.


Our sites are linked to each other and to the internet by our own fully redundant, multi-homed, gigabit network picking up multiple carriers from a number of POPs in locations in London.


The Bunker owns and manages its Data Centres. This enables us to have complete control of infrastructure and all aspects of our facilities. As a result, we offer complete flexibility of the size of suites cages, power density and connectivity. We don’t shoehorn our clients into standard spaces and we are not held to ransom by landlords.


Our facilities benefit from 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, solid steel doors, CCTV system with 24-hour video recording, visual verification of all persons entering the data floors, no unescorted access, Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection, Tempest RFI intrusion protection, shared or dedicated partitioned areas redundant power, cooling and Carrier Neutral connectivity*.


Both data centres are based outside of London. Although London is the second largest internet exchange in the world, it is also one of the highest risk cities in the world. Flood, terrorism, theft and power are all real and present threats.


The Bunker’s hosting facilities are:


  • Ultra secure – our state-of-the-art data centres are ex-Ministry of Defence command and control facilities that provide an Ultra Secure environment for your systems.


  • Ultra available – our dual-delivery capabilities can provide you with 100% up-time – in addition to auto-failover, we replicate across our other nuclear-grade delivery centres.


Ash Site History (PDF)                                         Newbury Site History (PDF)

*Not all points apply to both sites.