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The Bunker provides Ultra Secure Managed Hosting, Colocation and IT Services from within Europe’s most secure facilities which are outside the M25 yet within easy reach of London.

The Bunker’s unique and proven approach to security and outstanding service management has provided us the opportunity to add value to an exciting range of business critical projects for our clients. We have referenced a small number on this page, however many of our clients come to us for security and understandably don’t wish to publicise their systems. We work with many household names within the financial services sector, as well as specialist ISVs, SaaS providers, security firms and a large range of web developers, protecting their business critical data and ensuring it’s available to those that need it, when they need it.


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Our Customers include:


DatabarracksDatabarracks is a leading provider of compliant, secure, and effective online backup and data recovery services including cutting edge Virtual Disaster Recovery. Based in London, Databarracks manages data security and availability for thousands of customers globally, offering unparalleled levels of service for companies of all sizes and profiles. Comprehensive client support employing only the best software, hardware and data centre infrastructure in existence is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year either online, on the phone, or on site.
MoneybookersSecurity has always been of prime concern to Moneybookers as most of its business is in payment services to merchants and the value of transactions can be high. Their electronic money transfer system, via email, needs a robust and secure infrastructure. As Moneybookers services have grown in popularity, their requirements have changed. The Bunker’s “Ultra Secure” message was made an attractive solution to Moneybookers Data Backup and Disaster Recovery requirements. is ranked in the top 3000 highest usage websites in the world. The site gives useful moneysaving tips ranging from holidays to buying houses, run by renowned journalist Martin Lewis. The site is subject to heavy peak surges at irregular intervals and is currently subject to about one million visits per month. The site also generates approximately 285,000 emails per month and contains an online chat forum, currently with approximately 50,000 members. MoneySavingExpert required a partner to design, build, implement and host a robust and resilient platform to cope with the current load, with an inbuilt capability for future growth. The Bunker designed a fully fault-tolerant solution based on Open Source software.
NominetNominet operates at the heart of the internet in the UK, managing more than five million domain names, making it the world’s fourth largest Internet registry. With 3,000 members, 130 staff and a turnover of £14m, they play a key role at the heart of UK e-commerce.
In addition to maintaining the register of all .uk domain names Nominet offer a range of associated services, including renewing registrations every two years and administering transfers of domain names between parties.
EnvoyEnvoy Services Ltd is a UK incorporated payment technology and service provider for the corporate sector.
Envoy provides services to both online and offline companies requiring localised and low cost bill collection and payment execution on a cross border basis.
Envoy was founded by respected e-commerce, banking and technology experts to meet the fast changing needs of online / offline corporate customers requiring localised, low cost bill collection and payment execution services on a cross border basis.
LynchpinLynchpin has a strong background in online performance analysis, and a reliable platform for tracking the performance of marketing channels and campaigns.
We deliver solutions that analyse and assess businesses to ascertain the effectiveness of their sites and online marketing in terms of visitor interaction and bottom line revenues.
In contrast to web statistics packages that focus on site navigation and microanalysis, Lynchpin delivers concise analysis on revenue streams and other key business outcomes from their marketing source to identify real business drivers. From this information clients can confidently segment their marketing spend to the appropriate marketing channels in line with their real effectiveness.
SitekitEstablished in 1995, Sitekit has consistently maintained its position at the forefront of web content management systems development in the UK. Sitekit is passionate about ensuring customers and partners have control over every aspect of their website. Sitekit CMS enables owners, managers and designers to deliver online excellence through design flexibility, natural SEO, personalisation, web standards compliance and accessibility.
myTsafemyTsafe provides ultra secure online electronic storage for individual’s personal information and through its sister service, Omneport Central, storage of corporate information. myTsafe is all about providing somewhere for you to store information safely and easily in an on-line Internet environment. Somewhere more secure than your PC, a back up disc, a memory stick or even a paper file.