The UK’s most secure Cloud

Let The Bunker help you make the most of all that Cloud services can offer your infrastructure.


We have always regarded security as the number one consideration and Cloud is no different.


With us, from desktop to data centre to device, your data remains Ultra Secure and ultra available throughout its journey in the Cloud to ensure that you can safely benefit from the rewards that Cloud services can offer.


The Bunker delivers the UK’s most secure Cloud.




• We have carefully examined all the technologies available and the processes and procedures necessary to remain Ultra Secure

• We supply best of breed technologies, delivered from an Ultra Secure environment

• Our data centres are housed in ex-military nuclear bunkers, which have been upgraded with millions of pounds of investment in extra power, cooling and fire suppression to provide the ultimate in physical security

• Our Cloud data centre is IL3/4 rated, ISO 27001 accredited and PCI DSS certified

• Our Cloud services are all based in the UK, run on a highly available infrastructure

• Our Cloud solutions are built with security first: to be highly secure, highly available and high performing

• We offer robust service level agreements.


Our data centres are not just secure; they’re Ultra Secure, making your business ultra resilient and your information ultra available. Combined with our unique ‘Hardened Source’ approach and security first culture, we provide a unique security wrapper against attack.


Working with The Bunker makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems. Our customers know they get built in security, at a state of the art data centre that delivers compliance at all levels and ‘reduced risk’ with the knowledge that their data remains in the UK.


Ultra Secure Cloud Services


The Bunker’s Ultra Secure Cloud services can help you realise all of the benefits of Cloud without the risk. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your applications are being hosted in an Ultra Secure environment that makes them ultra available. Partnering with The Bunker gives you solid guarantees on location, security and availability of your data along with contract flexibility and additional resources available when you have temporary or unexpected surges in demand.


We are the only UK-based Cloud provider to offer Ultra Secure, ultra available end-to-end secure Cloud services from desktop, to data centre to device and back again.


Our Ultra Secure Cloud Services include:


• Secure Cloud Application Manager
• Secure Cloud Desktop
• Secure Cloud Back up
• Secure Cloud Archive
• Secure Cloud Infrastructure
• Secure Cloud Disaster Recovery.


We believe having a multi-pronged approach to security that covers physical, human and digital factors is essential – if any one of the elements is missing, security is compromised. To this, we’ve added The Bunker Protocol™, ingraining security into our culture. It includes:


• Data floor access policies
• Staff background checking
• An ITIL v3 based service desk
• The highest standards of data security designed by world renowned experts, we call it The Bunker Protocol.TM


We know what’s important to our customers: confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data anywhere, anytime from any device. Our customers can rest assured that our Cloud is built on a platform that delivers all of this, combined with 24/7/365 support with expert on-site technical and security staff.


The Bunker – Security is our culture. We start and finish with security.


Assured compliance


In this highly competitive and challenging business climate, regulatory compliance and business continuity are vital. The Bunker can help you ensure availability, business compliance and security in the Cloud:
• Control sign on for all applications on all devices
• Password management, authentication, monitor and control
• Full compliance and management reporting across all applications
• Assured compliance with Bank of England PRA and the FCA requirements
• Assured conformity with SRA and Data Protection Act 1998


Our Cloud is built on a platform that delivers confidentiality, integrity and availability and we provide solid guarantees on data location and security. Security is our culture – it’s what we start and finish with. From desktop, to data centre to device. And back again.


We are the UK’s most secure Cloud provider.