‘Security Survey White Paper’

‘How secure is your digital data?’ a new survey report produced by The Bunker in partnership with International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) provides an insight into the current state of digital data protection awareness in the UK.

The survey generated responses from more than 150 IT and security professionals who outsource all or some of their IT infrastructure to a data centre and to explore how they are responding to today’s security threats.


With cyber threats increasing on a daily basis, digital security is surprisingly low on the agenda in companies surveyed, despite data being one of the most important assets of any business. Our survey highlighted ambivalence when it came to customers’ data.


Almost a quarter of respondents were not aware where their data was stored or how secure it was. 44% of responders either acknowledged that their data was at risk or were unaware of their data centre services provider providing regular security updates.


The findings also revealed that data centre service providers are taking risks with the personnel employed at data centres. Personnel at these centres are potentially the weakest link in any data centre operation and thorough background checks on new employees are needed. Our survey found that 55% of responders either did not know or admitted that they had concerns with regards to pre-employment checks that data centres carry out to vet new employees.


There was however a glimmer of good news from the results of our survey with 72% of respondents claiming that their provider offered a secure or highly secure incident management plan. However, our findings in this area were not all positive, as a third of the respondents admitted that they did not know whether the plans were updated and fit for purpose.


The survey highlighted a concerning lack of awareness regarding the impact of data security breaches on businesses. A majority of businesses are unaware of the security of their data with most choosing to mitigate the risk out to their Cloud providers and not give it a second thought.


Companies need to place a greater emphasis on their data storage before it is too late.


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