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Our Ultra Secure flexible and compliant Colocation services for your infrastructure needs.


Reduce costs, save time, improve security, mitigate risk, improve reliability and enjoy enhanced connectivity.

  • Military grade fortress
  • 24 hour manned  security and guard dog presence
  • Reinforced concrete walls up to 3m thick
  • Solid steel doors weighing up to 7 tonnes
  • 3m high heavy duty security fence topped with barbed wire and buried 0.5 metres in the ground.
  • MOD Security card access system
  • Full EMP and Tempest Shielded data floors
  • Infrared CCTV with 24 hour video capture covering all entrances and operational areas
  • Early smoke and heat detection, gas based Firetrace extinguishing system


*Some of the points within this table may apply to one site only.

  • Shared or dedicated EMP caged areas or individual dedicated room
  • Raised flooring specifications
  • Concentrated load point 3kN over 25mm2
  • Uniformly distributed load 22kN/m2
  • Under floor clearance 1000-2000mm.
  • 2×11,000 Volt HV Feeds. Primary feed direct from national grid sub-station
  • Environmentally friendly Free Air, N+1 cooling system
  • Multiple UPS systems capable of supplying dual UPS feeds
  • Backup generators
  • Positive Pressure Environment
  • Charcoal filtered clean air system
  • Chemical/Biological safe zone
  • Carrier neutral facility
  • Multiple internet service providers
  • Diverse Independent Risers from highway to data floors
  • Choice of ISP’s/Telecommunications providers
  • Satellite dish space available
  • Microwave space available.
  • Client rest rooms
  • Goods delivery area away from the data floor
  • Clean and dirty store rooms
  • Unpacking room
  • Bookable clean build rooms
  • Bookable meeting rooms.


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