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Why Ultra Secure Colocation?

Why you should use our Ultra Secure Colocation solution services for your infrastructure needs.

Running out of space, power or cooling? Need a more secure, flexible, compliant environment for core, production, backup, test and development or disaster recovery infrastructure?  We’ve invested millions of pounds to create the most secure data centres in the UK.


Reduce costs, save time, improve security, mitigate risk, improve reliability and enjoy enhanced connectivity with our Ultra Secure Colocation.

Reliability with 100% up time in the UK’s most secure data centres.


We own and manage our data centres.  Both are based within easy reach of London but away from the power shortages, natural disaster or terrorism risks that are ever present in central London.


Colocation sees our clients locate their servers, storage systems and network connectivity within our Ultra Secure facilities – to reduce their costs, risk and the requirement for specialist infrastructure.


We provide the environment, racks, power, cooling, network connectivity and highly qualified staff and the customer places their equipment inside our facility and provides the management layer.


Clients enjoy:


  • Reduced costs
  • Risk mitigation
  • Enhanced data recovery
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved connectivity
  • Ultra Secure facilities
  • Access to compliance.


With Ultra Secure Managed Colocation , we also provide and manage additional equipment such as firewalls and routers, plus a range of Ultra Secure Professional Services.


To find out more about our Colocation solutions please Contact us.