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Our Ultra Secure Network Services provide a range of client and core managed network services for your infrastructure.

The Bunker operates its own ultra resilient, redundant and multi-homed gigabit network running between our Ultra Secure data centres and the internet.


Our network is managed 24/7/365 by our highly skilled networks team.


We use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, which allows us to take advantage of multi-homing and the intelligent re-routing of traffic to divert around a problem area.


We have multiple peering arrangements in place, improving performance, redundancy, capacity and cost by directly swapping traffic between ISPs eliminating the need to go through transit providers.


We operate on a Carrier Neutral basis, that means that you are not tied to any single provider for your connectivity. With the growing number of on-site Tier 1 providers, we have also secured dual redundant links to POPs in Telehouse and Level 3, allowing connectivity to be purchased directly from over 150 ISPs at reduced prices.


To find out more about our Ultra Secure Network and other solutions please Contact us.