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Business Continuity Planning

Allow your organisation to continue to operate whilst recovering from a significant business disruption.

Who needs a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?


Business owners and managers are responsible for keeping their organisation operational, during normal conditions and also when unplanned disruptions occur. It is also necessary to comply with regulatory compliance. Almost one in five businesses suffer a major incident every year, and many are not adequately prepared.


Any amount of downtime can lead to lost customers,  lost revenue, legal action and even the collapse of a business. Whether for regulatory reasons or as best practice, a business continuity plan is essential.


What is The Bunker’s BCP Service?


Our BCP service is a consultancy exercise that will prepare an organisation for a significant business disruption and allow them to continue to operate while recovering. The service delivers a set of processes, system recommendations and an implementation plan.


IT services such as disaster recovery systems or off-site backups, can be specified and implemented by The Bunker. We take a structured approach to developing the BCP using a methodology aligned with the BS25999 standard for Business Continuity Management.


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