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Obtain PCI-DSS v3.0 with the minimum of fuss from the only provider in the UK delivering all 12 requirements.

PCI DSS v3.0 Compliance.


Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. The Bunker specialise in helping businesses attain and retain compliance quickly and easily. Whether you are going from PCI DSS v2.0 to v3.0 or building a new environment to v3.0 standards we have the tools and expertise to get you there.


What is PCI DSS?


Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standards (PCI DSS) are a set of standards that are designed to protect you and your customers from credit card theft. The standard includes 12 requirements that form a framework for secure payment environments.


Do I need PCI DSS?


If you process, store or transmit credit card data, then you are obligated to comply with PCI DSS. The number of requirements you must satisfy will depend upon what your systems are doing with the credit card data.


Why choose The Bunker?


The Bunker is one of a select few managed service providers within Europe that has achieved all 12 requirements. The majority of service providers will only conform to 2 out of the 12 requirements, leaving you to manage the rest. This can be a complicated and time-consuming overhead to your business if you have not got the right consultancy, advice and support.


As we have years of experience building, supporting and maintaining PCI DSS environments to all 12 requirements, we are there to advise and support you every step of the way, taking away the hassle out of achieving and maintaining your compliancy.


Download our PCI DSS compliance guide to see what makes The Bunker different.


What is our Approach?


Our services and approach are in alignment with the framework, which is a three-step process;  Assess, Remediate and Report. This coupled with our many years of designing, implementing and supporting complex secure solutions is a successful formula for any size and scale of customer.
We have developed five components that you can use alone or in combination to provide the services you need to reach compliance in as little time as possible, minimising risk of delays and for the minimal cost.


    1. 1. Host your system in our data centre
      We can host your application in our Ultra Secure PCI DSS compliant data centres as pure Ultra Secure Colocation or Ultra Secure Hosting Services with a defined service level agreement.


    1. 2. Assessment and remediation
      We will Assess what you will need to do to comply and provide a gap analysis. We will then prepare a detailed Remediation plan outlining how we will help you achieve your compliancy.


    1. 3. Design the processes
      We will design the service interfaces and processes e.g. change and incident management etc. to ensure you can Report and maintain your compliancy. You will also have a clear succinct set of processes which alleviate your administrative overhead.


    1. 4. Build and certify the infrastructure
      We will design and build the infrastructure so they meet the required standards. By working with the relevant QSAs we will provide the necessary evidence packs and team to expedite the sign off process.


    1. 5. Manage ongoing compliance
      We can manage your whole solution to the agreed service levels and we can manage the ongoing compliance for you by monitoring the system 24/7/365 and run the full suite of compliance checks.



Turnkey Payment Processing


For clients with an existing website, The Bunker is able to provide and integrate a certified payment gateway to e-commerce enabled existing websites. To provide this payment gateway, we work with our customer and our partner Moneybookers, adding this turnkey solution to your website for the most rapid path to PCI DSS compliant payment processing.


To talk to us or for further information on PCI DSS Compliance please click here.


Noteworthy customers of PCI DSS certified solutions include Commidea,
Moneybookers (now known as Skrill) and Anderson Zaks.