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Cloud Platforms - Guaranteed Data Sovereignty Compliant Data Centre Services

The Bunker is a trusted partner for highly secure, compliant and high availability outsourced infrastructure and data storage. Our consultative partnership approach aims to deliver fluidity of IT without compromising security or compliance.

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"We were looking for a company that could host our application, but equally would have the skills necessary to know how to deal with data, disaster recovery and failover. We’d built a fantastic DR site with The Bunker that mirrored our production environment."
Richard Barker
Operations Director, eValue
"The Bunker provides the high levels of security and availability that our clients demand"
Christian Antrobus
CTO FML, Bottomline Technologies
"Security and compliance are of paramount importance to our audience. MasterCard has the highest standards in regard to both and we knew that approval from one of the largest financial services companies in the world would immediately dispel any concerns held by our prospects."
Terrie Smith
Chief Executive Officer, DigiSeq
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