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At The Bunker, security is at the heart of everything we do. As cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure become more and more sophisticated, protecting your data is safeguarding the future of your business.

Cybersecurity can no longer be considered an “optional extra”, and at The Bunker, we are able to provide a range of services to suit your security needs. These start from our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) packages that include our convenient hybrid cloud solutions, our highly scalable dedicated secure hosting, or our robust disaster recovery solutions, through to our optimised environments for developers in our Platform as a Service (PaaS), that will allow you to run and manage your applications quickly and effectively.

At The Bunker, we also offer exceptional expertise in developing Open Source solutions as well as offering more familiar hosting with our Microsoft Hosting options, ensuring that no matter which technology your business requires, we can create an ultra secure solution for you that will put the security of your business and its data at the heart of everything we do.

Expert Support

Although we live in an age of machine learning, advanced AI and technological innovations, any business is only as good as the people it employs. There is simply no substitute for old-fashioned knowledge and expertise, and our highly-trained IT technicians and security experts have it in abundance. What they don’t know about data storage and security isn’t worth knowing, so you can rest assured that the security of your valuable business data is always in safe hands.

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