How Veeam Office 365 backup helps to protect your data

Posted by Philip Bindley

For most businesses, data is now at the heart of everything they do, and there is no doubt that it will continue to be their most valuable asset in the future. In fact, Digital Reality’s 2018 data centre report revealed that the data industry could be worth £101 billion by 2025.

Microsoft Office 365 has become almost ubiquitous within business, but the fact that a lot of critical data is stored on the platform is often overlooked. Business contacts, email content and attachments are often vital to the smooth-running of an organisation and therefore need to be safeguarded in the event of a system outage or data breach, or the accidental deletion, loss or alteration of the information.

Since Microsoft clearly states that users are ultimately responsible for their own data on the platform, it’s important that organisations have secure backups in place to avoid operations grinding to a halt, and enabling them to bounce back quickly should the worst happen.

Choosing the right backup solution is therefore essential to ensure it offers comprehensive protection. Veeam Office 365 backup is currently the best option on the market, which is why The Bunker selected Veeam as a backup partner. In fact, this technology has now been installed by 29,000 businesses to protect over 2.7 million mailboxes. It eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, offering complete protection.

Veeam offers automation with full PowerShell and RESTful API support capabilities to ensure that backups are always being created and that all information is continuously up-to-date. It also provides protection for hybrid-cloud email deployments and comes with a multi-repository, multi-tenant architecture to safeguard larger Office 365 deployments with a single installation.

When it comes to the recovery of data, we know that having the flexibility to search for specific information and data records saves masses of time, and may also be required in order to adhere to compliance standards. Together with Veeam’s technology, we provide this by offering self-service restore capabilities of individual mailbox items in either archived Office 365 content, including SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, or on-premises Exchange backups. This helps to improve recovery times and reduce costs. Our offering also comes complete with an eDiscovery tool, which leverages advanced search capabilities and allows for data in archives to be identified and selectively restored on a granular level, without disrupting normal business operations.

In partnership with Veeam, we help businesses get back online quickly after a data outage by helping to recover applications and critical information in less than 15 minutes. Not only that, but we’re able to restore information directly to an Office 365 mailbox, an on-premises Exchange mailbox, saved as a file, emailed as an attachment or exported as a PST.

Adopting Veeam technology through The Bunker removes the risk of losing your data, makes it efficient and simple to restore important information, and offers ongoing support to ensure backups are always happening in the background. This not only enables you to handle any data loss situation, but also helps you meet legal requirements and boost compliance with the strictest industry standards.