Cybersecurity Scholarship Program Part 2

Posted by Amit Pandya

Another day, another cyber security breach. To name but a few recent victims; British Airways, T-Mobile, Boots, Dixons, TSB Bank, Facebook. No one is untouchable and the threat landscape is growing exponentially – proof that the world of cyber security is never a dull one.

Well, I am currently half way through my Cisco Global Cyber Security Scholarship and have recently passed my first exam. I was just on a 3 week vacation in Alaska and British Columbia, which was already planned before my acceptance in this scholarship program, but the amazing thing is that, with the self-learning and online mentoring of latest trends in cyber security technology, I have been able to keep up to date and study hard wherever I found secure internet.

The course is rather intense, but I can already see that the knowledge I am learning will bring real benefits to myself, and within my role at The Bunker. Everything so far has lived up to my expectations, and I am finding the setup of the course self-explanatory and easy to follow. Being able to interact in the lessons also adds to the experience, knowing others are taking the same journey as I am.

The support from my team at The Bunker has been amazing; everyone here are joining in the anticipation of my results and progress through this incredible opportunity that I have been given. The Bunker, as a company, values its clients and the protection of their business and intellectual property above anything else. They are data-driven, providing automated security solutions, and they are leaders in cyber security as part of the Cyberfort Group.
Cyberfort Group are committed to helping businesses protect themselves and their customers from the perpetually evolving range of cyber threats, and their varied solutions are a combination of security intelligence, analysis of applications, state-of-the-art technology and consultancy, together with continuous investment in research and development.

I have already started the other half of my course, which I am even more excited about as it involves practical lab work and covers the operational side of cyber security. Stay safe in this Cyber world and I will see you in a few months peeps 😉