Peter’s Bunker Journey

Posted by Peter Whall


My name is Peter Whall and I am an Open Source Apprentice here at The Bunker. My Bunker journey started during a discussion with East Kent College as I was advised to apply for the apprenticeship. I have always been interested in IT growing up and this sounded like an interesting role. When I was handed the job description, I knew this is what I wanted to do, who doesn’t want to work in an ex-military nuclear bunker!

My interview with The Bunker made me realise how much I didn’t know, how much I needed to learn and how much I can develop my skills. The challenge that was put before me when starting the role was intimidating at first but I am very driven and I was excited to get started. I was introduced to my team on the first day, who were very welcoming and since then I have realised how experienced and knowledgeable all of the technical teams at The Bunker are. I have been at The Bunker for just over a year now and I’ve learned a range of new technical skills, which has helped me continually feel more confident and independent in my role.

While I have had to study some Microsoft modules with the college, they have made a conscious effort to make sure that I am studying courses applicable to my job role. As an Open Source Apprentice understanding networking is key and the college have given me access to several Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) modules. These are really interesting and have developed my knowledge of networking massively. I’m now capable of designing network topologies and configuring the Cisco switches and routers as required for an environment. Having studied the OSI and TCP IP networking models through my CCNA modules, I find it much easier to troubleshoot connection failures through understanding which network layer is causing the problem. I plan to go on to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional after completing my Apprenticeship.

Alongside studying at East Kent College, my team leader has given me access to a professional education website offering additional qualifications. This provides me the opportunity to progress and choose where I would like to develop myself for the future, which is important for me. I plan to complete my apprenticeship and continue working at The Bunker as an engineer once my course is complete.