Cybersecurity Scholarship Program Part 3

Most enterprises and even individuals have suffered at least one data breach one way or another. Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving and Data security has become a bigger priority. Many businesses who have not previously considered it necessary to bring on board dedicated cyber security expertise are changing their minds. And going forward what this means for businesses, employees and anyone who’s connected to Internet that when it comes to security, we are going to make sure that various assets of the company get the Rolls-Royce treatment (at least, most of the time) by having effective security measures. This demands for Cyber shield and defence – A more proactive security posture and develop our own capabilities in areas such as malware analysis, threat hunting, automation and threat intelligence.

Finally I can say that ethically I am allowed to fight Cyber-crime as I have successfully completed my Cybersecurity Scholarship Program with Cisco and recently passing my final exam with flying colours has honoured me ‘Cisco Certified Cyber Ops’ – big whoop to me. It has taken last 6 months sleepless nights, sacrificing weekends & personal plans and most importantly dedication and hard work to come this far. I am really happy that I had an opportunity to be part of this scholarship program while the world is facing skill gap in Cybersecurity especially when Cyber-attacks are becoming more prolific. I am now really looking forward to applying my new skill-set in the real world and at work place to educate people around me and to protect the valuable properties. I am sad this program has come to an end as I will miss my mentors and colleagues and friends I have made for life from around the world but it has been very exhilarating and an incredible experience.

I cannot thank my team enough at The Bunker for all their continued support. I hope this can inspire others to follow their goals and achieve anything they strive for. Cyber security is important and growing priority for every business because government, military, corporate, financial and medical organizations collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of sensitive data on computers and other devices. ‘The Bunker’ as a company and the managed security provider understands its clients and the protection of their business and valuable possessions beyond anything else and they are the leaders in Cybersecurity as part of the ‘Cyberfort Group’ and are data-driven, automated security solutions.

‘Cyberfort Group’ are committed to helping businesses protect themselves and their customers from the perpetually evolving range of Cyber threats and their solutions are a combination of security intelligence, analysis of applications, state-of-the-art technology and consultancy together with continuous investment in research and development to meet the objectives of reducing Cyber risk. They emphasise on reducing time and costs spent on security, stages simulations of attacks to test whether the company is sufficiently prepared, and of course, develops the best responses to security breaches.

It is an exciting journey out there and sometime you just have to grab the opportunity. I have really enjoyed writing this final blog and hope you have found them insightful. That is me signing out and wishing you all in advance ‘A Happy Christmas’ and ‘Happy Holidays’