How To Get The Most Out Of Cloud Storage

Posted by Philip Bindley

The Cloud has long been touted as the future of cost-effective and scalable data storage but current solutions will not be fit for purpose in tomorrow’s world.

Traditionally, Cloud storage offerings have differentiated themselves based on cost, yet in the age of big data analytics it’s not enough to merely offer a cheap place to keep growing volumes of data. We must be able to derive insights and extract intelligence from the data and metadata to maintain the competitive edge in a constantly changing marketplace. Thankfully, the next generation of object storage offers the scalability and analytical capability needed to meet these demands.

However, although the technology has arrived, businesses must find the solution that best suits their need and this can be easier said than done. Today businesses are under more pressure than ever before to get new technologies up and running quickly and within budget while minimising downtime. In the scramble to find the best solution it’s easy to get lost in a flurry of complicated technologies that are notoriously difficult to set up, secure, manage and operate.

At The Bunker we believe you shouldn’t have to go through this process alone – in fact, we believe a comprehensive service should be an integral part of any storage providers offering. A competent and reliable partner should guide you through every step of the set-up and management process – from a risk assessment, to finding the most cost-effective solution, to best practice guidelines that ensure smooth, efficient and reliable operation. Conducting a data analysis at the start of the project will provide a real-time view of all data to ensure optimised deployment, and set a benchmark for future big data analysis. From this starting point, technology can be customised and additional services, such as disaster recovery, can be added as needed.

Data is set to become the most valuable business asset, so bullet-proof security and vendor accountability are a must. Rock-solid support can only come from a rock-solid service. Ultimately, a storage service fit for the future should not just free you from the challenges of today – it should hold the key to exploiting the advantages of tomorrow’s technology trends.