How We Worked With IBM To Develop A Secure MSP Facility Part 2

Posted by Philip Bindley

Cloud computing has come a long way in a relative short space of time, but for most business users, price is not everything

Cloud computing has come a long way in a relative short space of time, but for most business users, price is not everything, as business technology writer Steve Gold explains…

So why do people use secure cloud services?

The CTO of The Bunker says that, when viewed generically, cloud computing services tend to be perceived to be less secure than local IT resources.

But, he adds, when extra layers of security and reliability are added to the mix, the secure cloud service that his company offers its 150-plus clients is more secure than a local IT resource – but also with higher levels of resilience and integrity than a client company could achieve without spending a small fortune on services they may never actually use to their fullest extent.

“Our observations suggest that, when it comes to secure hosting and allied services, businesses have two main options: they can either adopt a DIY solution, with the steep learning curve that approach entails, or they can outsource to a secure player like The Bunker.

The most amusing part about all of this, he explained, is that most people think that the cloud is a new technology, when it is actually not, as the process of IT outsourcing has not changed that much in recent years – although he notes that the levels of security available from the cloud are rising steadily.

Using IBM’s hardware, controlled by Egenera’s cloud service, he says, means that The Bunker can adopt a technology approach called CARA – sort for Cloud Adoption Risk Assesment.

CARA, he adds, fully supports the CRAMM – CRAMM (CCTA Risk Analysis and Management Method) IT methodology – that the UK Government now looks for as part of its secure data storage and IT resource options.
Whilst clients rely on Bindley and his IT services team to maintain as close to 100 per cent uptime as possible, he says that The Bunker’s technology platform allows the CTO and his team to deliver a mix of physical and virtual machines within the same environment.

“From a client perspective, cloud technology has become something of a given – as there is an expectation that the technology will `just work.’ Very often, however, it’s more about security and, as a result, our clients fall into two distinct groups: firstly, users who are told they need to be more secure and secondly, those that realise they need to be more secure,” he explained.

“Regardless of which category clients fall into, with IBM’s assistance, we can service their needs – securely, cost effectively and with a minimum of technology problems.”

Philip Bindley, CISSP, Chief Technology Office