VMWare Private Cloud

The Bunker’s Private VMware cloud platform is for companies that require their own dedicated hardware hypervisors, ensuring guaranteed compute, storage and network resources.

Have your infrastructure smartly designed by The Bunker’s experienced architects, and leave all patching, firmware and repairs to us, leaving you free to add the most value to your business.

The Bunker can also offer Veeam backups to a Private VMware cloud, both on and offsite, and you can benefit from our managed endpoint protection against exploits and malware, using Traps by PaloAlto. Additionally, advanced features of VMware’s private cloud technology can be utilised in the design, such as vSAN, NSX, DRS, HA, Storage vMotion and Storage IO control.

Is it right for me?

Compared to a shared Cloud environment, where at peak times compute resources could be under contention with other customers, a private cloud based on VMware technology maintains the core features and flexibility of a hypervisor cluster.

A private cloud with The Bunker is also the most secure, with everything behind the internet boundary ring-fenced, complete with dedicated firewalls and secured racks.

You can leverage the flexibility to add extra hardware and software that would not normally fit into a shared cloud environment, such as network appliances, while still benefitting from fast VM provisioning. The ultimate best of both worlds collaboration, while still leaving yourself the option open to scale up in the future.

A fully managed VMware private cloud platform built by certified engineers to your specification, with dedicated hardware and customisable options for your specific needs.

Why choose The Bunker?

The Bunker will start by arranging a session with you to go through your requirements, and build up a picture of the services you need. We will tailor a customised hardware platform to best suit your needs and budget, and include any standard services such as backup and endpoint protection if required.

We will order and build everything to an agreed deadline, ensuring maximum high availability throughout the infrastructure. Our VMware cloud platforms are then monitored 24/7/365 in case of a fault or service warning, including virtual machine services. Our service desk can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and coordinate directly with our VMware, Microsoft, Opensource and Network engineers to give you the benefit of our entire team’s expertise.

On a pre-agreed schedule we will perform hardware and software maintenance on your platform with full vendor support, to keep you free from known security vulnerabilities and guarantee optimal performance.

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How VM Ware Private Cloud works

A VMware private cloud can be scaled between 2 and 64 host hypervisors, with either a dedicated SAN for shared storage or integrated host storage (vSAN). A typical infrastructure example would contain the following:

1. Between 2 and 64 Hypervisor hosts
2. Dedicated iSCSI SAN (if not using vSAN)
3. A physical Management Server (also an Active Directory Domain Controller if required)
4. Veeam Backup Server with local storage
5. Pair of HA firewalls
6. Physical Monitoring server

Using a VMware private cloud cluster will support virtual machines with a recommended density of 4 vCPUs per physical CPU core. At least one extra host of compute resources should be included in the specification to support high availability, and planned maintenance without needing downtime.

Our Accreditations

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  • First
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  • Veeam Gold Cloud & Service Provider Partner
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