Bitlocker Encryption

BitLocker is Microsoft’s proprietary encryption system for Windows computers that provides at-rest encryption of your drive (both fixed and removable), helping protect against unauthorised changes to your system. Used together with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), it can prevent unauthorised start-up of a computer using a combination of PIN, password and/or USB key.

Is it right for me?

Security is everyone's responsibility. In many cases, a data breach could have been mitigated if encryption had been implemented for data at rest. This "last resort" ensures that data is protected against unauthorised access.

You can use BitLocker to mitigate unauthorised data access on lost or stolen computers by encrypting all user files and system files on the operating system drive, including the swap files and hibernation files, and checking the integrity of early boot components and boot configuration data.

You can also use BitLocker to encrypt the entire contents of a data drive and use Group Policy to require that BitLocker be enabled on a drive before the computer can write data to the drive. Bitlocker supports multiple locking/unlocking methods by using a Pin, Recovery Key/Password, or Network unlock from a trusted devices.

Protect your system and data with BitLocker, Microsoft’s proprietary encryption feature for Windows computers.

Why choose The Bunker?

With our background of secure hosting and managed services, we are able to advise best practice to suit your needs amongst the many BitLocker options and configurations available.

Our 24/7/365 Service Desk means that we are always available to answer questions or resolve any issues that might arise.

How Bitlocker Encryption works

A TPM is a chip that runs an authentication check on your hardware, software, and firmware. If the TPM detects an unauthorized change, your PC will boot in a restricted mode to deter potential attackers. Attacking the TPM requires physical access to the computer. Additionally, the tools and skills necessary to attack hardware are often more expensive, and usually are not as available as the ones used to attack software. And because each TPM is unique to the computer that contains it, attacking multiple TPM computers would be difficult and time-consuming.

BitLocker supports multifactor authentication for operating system drives. If you enable BitLocker on a computer that has a TPM version 1.2 or later, you can use additional forms of authentication with the TPM protection.

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