Fintech Emerging

Why WealthTech

Designed to support wealth and asset management firms, WealthTech solutions provide real time access to data to monitor, adjust, implement, understand, propose and build the ideal investment package for each individual client.

Benefits of WealthTech

  • Access tools such as robo-advisers to recommend investments.
  • Grow the bottom line.
  • Fully automated service.
  • Enhance proposition and operations.
  • Spend more time with clients.
  • Access big data to provide the best services.

"WealthTech solutions use data analytics and AI to boost investment decision making."

Why RegTech

"RegTech solutions can save banks a lot of time and resources they devote to ensure regulatory compliance."

RegTech it is becoming more and more crucial as levels of regulation rise and focus on data and reporting increases. It's dynamic technology, with real time reporting, so firms can respond almost immediately to regulatory changes. It is also addressing a gap in the financial services market that is being disrupted at a speedy pace by Fintech.

Benefits of RegTech

RegTech solutions offer clear benefits and significant advantages:

  • Significant savings in terms of cost, time and resource.
  • Report more accurate information to supervisory bodies.
  • Increase level of granularity and availability with real time reporting.
  • Monitor systemic risk better.
  • Boost responsiveness to regulatory changes.
  • Improve customer identity management, fraud control, payment methods and ultimately customer operations.

The Technology

RegTech and WealthTech leverage a great variety of technologies, including cloud computing, block chain and big data. If there's a defining trait that all RegTech and WealthTech solutions share, is that they all need to be cloud-based. This is considered the only way to ensure that they are responsive and flexible enough.

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