Web and Email Filtering

Web and Email security is a critical part of protecting any organisation against Data Loss. It’s not just blocking non-work related websites, stopping unsolicited email or virus scanning content and blocking hijacking scripts but to protect against Phishing and Spear Phishing, Credential Theft, Data Loss Prevention Services, Encryption Services, Anti-SPAM, Anti-Malware and much more.

With security systems constantly improving, breaching networks and systems through remotely exploitable vulnerabilities is getting harder. In response to this, cybercriminals are now more often exploiting the human element to gain access, bypassing the digital security systems by Spear Phishing and linking to sites to deploy code allowing remote exploits.

Is it right for me?

Web and Email filtering is one of the tools in our armoury against cybercrime. Assisting with protection from internal end-users unintentionally giving access to cyber criminals through innocently opening the wrong email or clicking on the wrong link and bypassing all the digital security that has been put in place.

There are other added advantages to filtering content: reducing the amount of spam increases the productivity of staff not having to filter through thousands of emails, web content control can be used to enforce company policy to ensure that content of an illicit nature can’t be viewed on an organisations equipment or connections.

Protecting integrity and confidentiality of networks and data.

Why choose The Bunker?

As part of a defensive product set, Web and Email filtering can be deployed and managed to support organisations policies, compliance and regulatory standards.

Complimenting traditional and next generation security products, Web and Email filtering services can be integrated to assist in ensuring the prevention of data leakage, protecting sensitive data and addressing legal and compliance requirements through tight integration.

Email services are kept secure and confidential with options for encrypted content and securing attachments.

How Web and Email Filtering works

Content is run through proxy servers where content can be reviewed, compared against rule sets and anti-malware/virus engines controlling and filtering the traffic before connecting to its final destination.

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