Endpoint Security and Malware Protection

The Bunker have teamed up with global security experts PaloAlto to enable our customers to choose the next generation of Endpoint Security and Malware protection, Palo Alto Traps.

Cyber threats are present in the software we use every day, in the form of known and unknown bugs and vulnerabilities, and often the never-ending race to keep up with software to remediate known vulnerabilities cannot be applied, larely due to production requirements or delayed releases from Vendors. In certain cases, attackers are able to craft malware within hours of a weakness being discovered.

Traps significantly raises the bar against cyber attacks by blocking the attacker before any possible payload can be placed, while at the same time requiring far less system resources compared to traditional anti-virus software.

The intelligent way that Traps approaches endpoint protection fits perfectly with the security goals of The Bunker.

Is it right for me?

Even the most locked down internet-facing server needs to provide at least one connection to the outside world; whether it be a website, a backup repository or an email server, a connection is there 24 hours a day and open to the world.

All of us, as IT providers, put our trust in the companies that write the operating systems and application software making up the services we provide to our customers. However, even the biggest companies get it wrong, and patches are issued for vulnerabilities discovered later, usually months after the software is released.

An attacker can attempt to exploit those weaknesses but must complete a sequence of events to steal information or run ransomware. Traps disrupts an attack before it can infect an endpoint by combining multiple methods of prevention; it blocks security breaches that attempt to leverage malware and exploits, known or unknown, before they can compromise endpoints.

Latest state-of-the-art endpoint protection against exploits, malware and ransomware

Why choose The Bunker?

The Bunker provide full Traps endpoint installation, management and alert response for your on-site managed customer platforms, on both Windows and Linux operating systems. We also provide Traps as a cloud-based service, should you wish to off-load your endpoint protection management to our experienced engineers and response team.

Once Traps is installed on the endpoint, all updates, policy changes and diagnostics are handled centrally by The Bunker. Any exploit or malware prevention event is checked by our engineers and followed up with the customer if required. We aim to provide the best possible endpoint protection, matched with minimal impact to normal operation.

How Endpoint Security and Malware Protection works

The key to how Traps works so effectively is in its approach to blocking an intruder at each stage of an attack. Threats are negated using different technologies for exploits (vulnerabilities in trusted software) vs. Malware (hidden payloads in untrusted software) vs. Ransomware (stealth encryption of documents).

Traps sits underneath all executable code and macros, watching for the typical methods attackers will use to exploit vulnerabilities in code, and terminating the process if an irregular action is attempted. This way, the attacker is stopped in their tracks long before any payload can be uploaded.

For Malware or Grayware, the hash of the application binary is checked on startup against a huge cloud-based database called Wildfire for a validated verdict. If the code is not known to Wildfire, a local engine will assess the code and make a verdict, and if allowed will upload the code to Wildfire for an in-depth second opinion.

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