Cybersecurity is a relentless arms race where criminals are constantly developing new ways to compromise or evade detection by security systems, protecting network perimeters of various security zones has never been more critical. Innovative edge protection is one of the most important parts of any security strategy.

The Bunker’s solutions take advantage of not only the traditional functionality offered by firewall solutions, but also Next Generation functionality. This technology is now being implemented where firewalling methodology is moving away from the traditional access control lists, into more in-depth methods of protection based on Application Control, User and Role based policies and SSL inspection.

Is it right for me?

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of business and personal data should now be a standard board level agenda point as the financial and reputational impact of a breach has escalated to new levels. Edge security and firewalling is a critical part of any cybersecurity strategy. The managed services we offer draw on our experience and depth of knowledge in protecting data through design and management, and ensuring best practices are employed at the edges of network zones. Layering additional next generation features further increases security as a defence in depth method, limiting attack surface and reducing the risk of cybercrime through breaches in perimeter security.

Protecting integrity and confidentiality of networks and data

Why choose The Bunker?

At The Bunker we take firewalling and perimeter security seriously, with an extensive amount of experience in design, build and operation of security platforms. The services offered are tailored and designed to every use case based upon business, application or compliancy requirements.

From our experience, we know that one range of products, or even a single vendor, can’t offer the best fit for all use cases. This is where our in-depth knowledge of firewalling vendors, as well as our own in-house developed Open Source appliances, can ensure that organisational requirements are exceeded.

Taking a managed firewall solution enables organisations to ensure that best practices are delivered by security specialists, enabling organisations that don’t have dedicated network security teams to focus on their core products and services.

How Firewalls works

Firewalling can be delivered in many ways, with offerings based on shared and dedicated solutions, on Physical and Virtual platforms, and with the option of commercial vendors as well as our in-house developed Open Source appliance.

Firewalls can be built and delivered to organisational performance or compliancy requirements, supporting high availability and distributed or clustered configurations which ensure sustainability and availability of connectivity from the firewalling platforms.

Our firewall deployments are all completely tailored to organisational requirements, with rulesets and access lists built and developed through consultation with you to ensure that attack surface is minimised.

Our Accreditations

  • ISO 27001
  • First
  • G-Cloud Accredited
  • ITIL Service Management
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • NHS IGSoC Approved
  • RIPE NCC Member
  • Tech UK
  • Veeam Gold Cloud & Service Provider Partner
  • PCI Participating organization
  • Dell EMC Gold Partner
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • AWS Select Consulting Partner