Virtual Private Networks

Secure remote access to your infrastructure is usually a vital part of operating in a remote location. We have many years’ experience in deploying Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections that best meet your requirements.

Is it right for me?

All an attacker needs is one unsecured hole to access your infrastructure. Locking down any sort of access into your environment is therefore paramount. What's more, any private data leaving your environment should be encrypted as it travels across the Internet.

A VPN helps achieve both of these things, ensuring that access for trusted staff is secured and encrypted at all times.

The Bunker has a huge depth of knowledge of configuring secure VPN’s with multiple vendors, allowing businesses to use existing VPN capable technology that they have already invested in

Why choose The Bunker?

We are well versed in configuring both Site to Site VPNs and Remote Access VPNs. Site to Site VPNs allow secure connectivity between two physical locations, such as between the data centre and your offices. A site to site VPN is often configured by two different parties, which can make it difficult to establish. We have a lot of experience in debugging VPN connectivity and getting the connection up quickly. A Remote Access VPN allows anyone with a valid set of credentials to establish secure connectivity from wherever they may be, such as a public WiFi hotspot. Their credentials can be as simple as a username and password, or backed by more secure 2FA tokens or one time mobile codes.

How VPNs work

Site to Site VPNs use the industry standard IPSec to encrypt the entire packet between routers and firewall devices. Remote Access VPNs have a client piece of software installed on any devices that need secure access to the environment through IPSec. To accompany the client software, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can be achieved using a hardware token or by having a software token on a mobile phone.

Our Accreditations

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