Our Support for Fintechs

The Bunker's Support For Fintechs

There are three main challenges facing Fintech companies today: Security, regulations and trust.

A highly regulatory and secure environment.

A major challenge for Fintechs when it comes to partnering with big financial firms is the regulatory environment. Both more established Fintechs and Fintech startups face many regulatory, privacy and security challenges.

The evolving regulatory landscape and demand for robust risk management means Fintechs must be able to demonstrate that they understand the security requirements and compliance mandates of their customers. The Bunker understands all this - so you don't have to. Working with The Bunker gives you confidence and credibility that your environment, system, services and data are more secure and fully compliant. Every single day.

Overcome The Legacy Hurdle

There is a lot of legacy technology at these big institutions, and it can be hard to integrate new technology with their systems. With our team of technical experts, combined with our industry knowledge, we can help you integrate your new solutions effectively and securely.

"Gain confidence and credibility that your services are always secure & compliant."

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Empower Your Business With The Bunker

Having worked with many early stage companies, we understand the challenges and commercial restraints you face. But no matter where you are in your business cycle, The Bunker can help you meet your goals.

Whether you have just started out, be generating a little if any revenue, but need to focus on developing code in a secure, compliant and regulated way, we can put the infrastructure in place to get you going.

You may be experiencing rapid growth - Fintechs typically grow quickly - so our cloud scalable platforms are designed to grow with you, controlling costs, enabling further growth, whilst meeting the regulatory compliance challenges along the way.

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Be Confident. Be Credible

The Bunker: The Managed Service Provider of Choice for FinTechs

And with two ultra secure datacentres, where all the data remains in the UK, you are assured of high availability across both sites - so you can be confident you're offering a credible, secure, compliant and innovative solution to your clients.

How we have supported early stage companies

Our Credentials: Your Partner Of Choice

The Bunker's unique facilities, dual site hosting capabilities, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications, plus our heritage in Financial Services, makes us the partner of choice for any Fintech looking the benefit from flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency while attaining the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance.

A Reputation Built On Trust

It's time to put your trust in The Bunker.

We are well known in the finance sector. In fact, many of the Fintech Top 50 and incubators are already here at The Bunker and we account for several financial institutions amongst our current customer base.

Our proven track record in all areas of security, compliance and business continuity along with guaranteed UK data sovereignty makes us a trusted partner for many financial services companies.

Working with us reassures your customers that their systems and highly sensitive user data remain safe and secure. Your customers already trust us.

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