Pay as you grow with The Bunker

1View Solutions was launched 10 years ago having identified an opportunity to solve a major issue in the global investment banking sector. Many financial organisations were going through mergers and acquisitions, inheriting and building complex arrays of different legacy systems around the globe. Data consolidation is critical but complex, expensive and risky. The 1View software solution provides these firms with a quick and safe way to transition from their diverse legacy systems to a more agile and efficient applications platform. It automatically consolidates their business data to ensure accurate, complete and consistent information. For some, this is now a mission critical objective in order to address regulatory and control issues.

The Challenge

Collating, integrating and sharing sensitive and valuable data for global investment banks poses a major security issue. To get the business off the ground, 1View Solutions needed to be working with the right partner who valued security as much as its customers. They also needed a partner who could develop with the company’s other growing service,, a confidential and secure service providing access to data on over 12 million companies and 35 million financial instruments, collaboratively sourced from hundreds of diverse and respected organisations.

Our Ultra Secure solution

1View Solutions selected The Bunker to host its web-based application. Initially working from a dedicated environment, 1View Solutions could provide its customers with an Ultra Secure environment to host and access its collaborative data management solution. It also allowed the team to showcase the 1View software, run demos and develop proof of concepts for its clients safely and securely. However, as the volume of collated financial data has been rapidly increasing, the business has recently migrated from its dedicated legacy environment to The Bunker’s Ultra Secure Cloud platform. This scalable Cloud solution is not only built on new technology, but will offer 1View Solutions a “pay as you grow” model, which is particularly important because of the large and increasing data storage requirements.

Products & Services

  • The Bunker’s Ultra Secure Cloud platform
  • Pay as you grow Cloud model

Benefits delivered

  • Ultra Secure, military grade data centre facilities reassures 1View Solutions’ security conscious clients
  • Ability to expand rapidly, easily and cost effectively with the pay as you grow model
  • Improved performance
  • ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliancy, where data is only hosted in the UK
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical and security experts