Ultra Secure solution for social care system

Established in 2001, ADL Smartcare Limited delivers a unique service to UK Local Authorities, providing access to an exclusive and extensive knowledge base accessed through dedicated Software as a Service systems such as Smart Assist2 a personalised self help adult social care solution.

Today, this Sheffield based company enables over 20 local authorities and their residents to access services such as SmartAssist2 online, where they can ask questions, find solutions and cost effectively source products quickly, reducing the need for an expensive home visit from the local authority. With solutions from ADL Smartcare Limited such as SmartAssist2, the process of procuring the right adult social care solution is much quicker and effectively reduces costs for the local authority – especially as the population demographic is aging and Local Authorities will have to do more for less.

Products & Services

  • Ultra Secure private Cloud with dedicated managed infrastructure
  • Multiple firewalls, switches and servers with enhanced redundancy
  • Military grade secure data centre facilities
  • Managed web hosting services
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical and security experts

The Challenge

ADL Smartcare were looking for a new hosting company to provide the highest security standards and scalability required to supply a growing customer base.

Responsible for a vast amount of data, ADL Smartcare needed a hosting partner who could offer unparalleled levels of data security whilst offering a superior service to ensure ADL Smartcare Limited’s unique knowledge base is available 24/7/365 to support the needs of the local community and remain the supplier of choice to local governments.

Our Ultra Secure solution

ADL reviewed 5 suppliers and The Bunker scored highly, in all areas. The location of The Bunker data centre site in Kent, outside of central London which can be prone to power shortages, made it an ideal choice for ADL Smartcare.

The Bunker also stores all its data in the UK, which is of paramount importance when working with the British public sector and local government. With its highly sensitive personal and sensitive data housed at The Bunker’s military grade data centre, ADL Smartcare are confident their sensitive data remains Ultra Secure.

The dedicated private Cloud solution, with 2 firewalls and ultra redundant virtualised servers is highly flexible, so ADL Smartcare Limited can quickly turn off and on virtual servers for testing purposes as and when they need it. The move from the incumbent hosting company to The Bunker was also a seamless operation. Meticulous planning and server test runs undertaken by The Bunker and ADL Smartcare Limited meant the Local Authority sites and data were smoothly transferred in around 2 hours – with no downtime.

Benefits delivered

  • Increased infrastructure performance by 2400% providing access to more processors, more servers, more storage and more memory
  • By using a private Cloud, ADL Smartcare Limited can build capacity and improve performance with little or no downtime
  • A dedicated infrastructure removes the security risks associated with multi tenanted public Cloud platforms
  • Quickly test and add new product updates to the knowledge base simply and securely
  • Ultra Secure data centre facilities where data is only hosted in the UK