Securing Banking Solutions with The Bunker

Bottomline Technologies provides cloud-based payment, invoice and banking solutions to corporations, financial and non-financial institutions around the world. With over 10,000 customers in 77 countries, its solutions are used to streamline, automate and manage processes involving payments, invoicing, global cash management, supply chain finance and transactional documents.

As a strategic SWIFT partner, Bottomline’s SWIFT Access Service helps organisations to maximise their investment in SWIFT connectivity via a fully-accredited service bureau and a range of messaging, payment and value-added solutions, along with training and expert consultancy services. On busy days Bottomline is responsible for processing more than 100,000 transactions worth in excess of £250 billion, and organisations trust Bottomline to meet their needs for cost reduction, competitive differentiation, secure payments and the optimisation of working capital.

The Challenge

Organisations rely on SWIFT connectivity to send and receive timely, accurate and secure financial communications. The Bottomline Service Bureau is therefore a critical part of its clients’ operational infrastructure and any disruption or downtime could have major financial and risk implications.

Strong business and sales growth led to increasing demand for Bottomline’s SWIFT Service Bureau. It therefore wanted to partner with a data centre provider that could provide the scalability needed to support this expansion.

Additionally, as Bottomline operates in the financial services industry, the highest levels of resilience, security, connectivity and availability of power were vital. The facility needed to be within easy reach of Bottomline’s offices based in the South East of England and yet outside of London’s high risk zones where flooding and terrorism present major concerns.

Our Ultra Secure solution

For its primary data centre Bottomline selected a dedicated suite in The Bunker’s ISO 27001 accredited ex-Ministry of Defence facility in Ash, Kent. Physical access to the site is restricted to pre-approved personnel and visitors are escorted at all times whist on site. Uninterruptible power supplies and dedicated generators with fuel for seven days allied to multiple onsite ISPs, carriers and telcos provide ultra secure and consistent connectivity to SWIFT and other external financial networks.

The Bunker also works closely with Bottomline to proactively monitor the hosting environment and reduce the risk of external interruptions such as hacking or viruses that could affect service availability. For example, The Bunker can provide an early warning system, enabling pre-emptive action to be taken to minimise any disruption, should a Bottomline customer become at risk.

Products & Services

  • Colocation
  • Dedicated Suite
  • Professional Services
  • Network Services and Monitoring

In the unlikely event of the primary data centre becoming unavailable, the SWIFT connectivity provided by the Service Bureau is immediately switched to Bottomline’s secondary site, ensuring there is minimal interruption to business and service continuity for bureau customers.

Current and prospective clients often seek tangible proof of compliance with the required financial standards, for audit purposes, as well as robust security resilience. Bottomline is confident in the high levels of service provided by The Bunker and site visits are used to demonstrate the comprehensive physical, digital and human security protocols and processes that The Bunker is built on bureau customers.

Benefits delivered

  • The Bunker provides the very highest levels of service, uptime and resilience for Bottomline’s SWIFT Service Bureau, from a convenient yet secure location. Partnering with The Bunker has also enabled Bottomline to rapidly increase the capacity and throughput of its SWIFT connectivity service whilst providing long term scalability to match future growth.
  • The Bunker will alert Bottomline if any of their customers’ security measures are tested, allowing Bottomline to keep customers informed and take appropriate action to ensure continued access to the Service Bureau.
  • When Bottomline’s customers visit The Bunker for compliance and audit purposes it always evokes a positive response. Commenting on the facility, procedures and people, one customer recently remarked, “Our financial messaging relies on high levels of security and availability, and it is easy to see why Bottomline has partnered with The Bunker.  Together, the SWIFT Service Bureau and the state of the art data centre facilities give us complete confidence that our financial messaging infrastructure is secure and resilient.”
  • Industry standards and accreditations are highly valued by Bottomline’s customers and The Bunker’s certifications – not just ISO 27001 but also PCI DSS – emphasise its on-going commitment to all aspects of security and availability.