Ultra Secure, bespoke infrastructure for the medical profession

CIMAR UK Ltd is a world leader in lossless compression, optimisation and transmission of clinical data and images, enabling ultra fast and encrypted data sharing between disparate Health Information Systems and users globally. CIMAR’s technology is used extensively by the NHS and private medical organisations across the UK and internationally.

CIMAR’s solution enables specialists to rapidly view medical images remotely, enhancing productivity and accelerating diagnostics for patients, whilst ensuring compliance with the rigorous regulations governing secure electronic interchange of clinical information as required by the NHS and other health organisations.


Products & Services

  • Managed web hosting services
  • 24/7/365 dedicated ITIL v3 service desk, technical support and security staff
  • Virtualisation and cloud consultancy
  • Business platforms and infrastructure

NHS approved Security

CIMAR was looking for an absolutely secure, managed hosting service built on Microsoft technology. The solution had to be a robust and scalable platform that would allow CIMAR to expand as demand for its cutting-edge Clinical Data Sharing service grew, both in the NHS and internationally.

CIMAR also required firm guarantees concerning where the data was physically stored, its absolute protection and privacy, and the processes around how systems are managed, in order to ensure it operated within the stringent data security guidelines laid down by its clients.

Our Ultra Secure, managed hosting solution

The Bunker’s Managed Hosting service delivers the business value that CIMAR was looking for.

The Bunker created a bespoke infrastructure, which is managed 24/7/365, providing a stable operating environment for the company’s sensitive medical data processing applications. Housed in one of its ISO 27001 accredited Ultra Secure data centres, and visited at CIMAR’s request by its clients and for compliance regulation, The Bunker has been NHS approved to run CIMAR’s cloud-based borderless imaging solutions.

The Bunker solution is highly flexible, even down to allowing CIMAR’s clients to have exclusive use of specific servers for additional security and managing these as part of a single agreement.

The entire infrastructure is housed within The Bunker’s Ultra Secure, nuclear bunker data centre. The bottom line is that the absolute security required for this type of application and excellent, pro-active support to ensure that it is available at all times is provided to CIMAR and their customers.

Benefits delivered

  • Dealing with vast amounts of highly confidential NHS and private patient data, The Bunker’s Ultra Secure infrastructure is of paramount importance to ensure none of this information is intercepted. (CIMAR hosted servers currently receive over 1,000,000 images per month).
  • The utmost flexibility – some of CIMAR’s clients maintain their own services, whilst others prefer to hand over infrastructure management and monitoring to CIMAR and The Bunker.
  • Applications protected by The Bunker Protocol, an Ultra Secure process framework.
  • The Bunker’s robust and scalable platform is intrinsically important to manage the peaks and troughs encountered in the transmission of such large and complex exchanges of data across the globe.
  • The Bunker provides CIMAR and its clients with a turn-key business platform solution tuned for CIMAR’s web applications and their traffic.