DigiSEq brings NFC payments to wearables with The Bunker

DigiSEq, a forward thinking fintech company, has developed a unique provisioning service that enables contactless payments and a host of secure applications via wearable consumer devices. Its technology also supports a diverse set of applications such as healthcare credentials, loyalty, access control, and guaranteed provenance. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the financial data, DigiSEq needed a data centre offering the highest levels of security and availability so they partnered with The Bunker to achieve full PCI DSS compliance, pass the Global Vendor Certification Program (GVCP) audit for MasterCard accreditation, and speed its time to market.

The Challenge

When Terrie Smith and Colin Tanner established DigiSEq in 2014 they were acutely aware of the potential for wearable devices. As former senior managers at MasterCard, responsible for leading mobile product initiatives, they had witnessed firsthand how wearables can increase the contactless payments market.

In addition to simplifying the issuance of payment credentials to wearable devices, the DigiSEq founders envisaged a solution that would have broader applications too, such as ticketing, loyalty schemes, access control, security keys and provenance. However, as a company that operates in the financial services industry, a robust provisioning solution was required to deliver consumer details to devices in a secure, yet scalable way.

Having developed a prototype comprised of multiple technologies and components, it was essential for DigiSEq to assure the security of its solution and validate it with MasterCard certification. This presented two key challenges. The first was convincing a company accustomed to issuing payment cards to let consumers pay with third-party devices of their own choosing. The second was meeting MasterCard’s stringent security mandates, including a PCI DSS compliant data centre capable of passing the GVCP.

Products & Services

  • Colocation environment with dedicated secure caged suite and CCTV
  • 24x7x365 on site security and service desk
  • Dual fed UPS backed power

Our highly secure and high availability solution

DigiSEq needed a security partner that would take  the time to understand its challenges and the  requirements of MasterCard to deliver a solution  tailored to its specific needs. It chose to colocate its equipment at The Bunker, as it could guarantee full compliance with both GVCP and PCI DSS and deliver a Tier 4 data centre comparable to the best- in-class environments employed by companies such as MasterCard and Visa.

The Bunker’s data centres are ex-military facilities and have been upgraded to provide the highest levels of physical, human and digital security. In order to meet Digiseq’s specific requirements and ensure compliance with the necessary financial standards, The Bunker implemented additional strict access control policies and a fourth layer of security – a dedicated secure cage suite that protects DigiSEq’s racks from unauthorised entry and include round-the-clock CCTV monitoring.

Results and benefits delivered

  • Solution fully approved by MasterCard
  • Maximum level of protection for consumer data
  • Security, availability and flexibility support DigiSEq’s unique value proposition

DigiSEq now has a colocated environment with the highest possible protection for consumer data, backed by 24x7x365 monitoring via The Bunker’s Security Operations Centre (SOC). The Bunker provides the highest levels of cyber resilience to comply with the relevant financial standards. What’s more DigiSEq has passed the GVCP audit and is approved by MasterCard.

MasterCard accreditation was critical in enabling DigiSEq to test its services and trials are now underway with several organisations, including one of the largest fitness band manufacturers in the world. Having successfully provisioned data to a range of devices securely, DigiSEq expects commercial services are ready for live deployment.

With an exciting product roadmap, patented technology and a wide range of prospects and potential partners in the pipeline, DigiSEq has established a massively scalable colocation environment within The Bunker that means it can grow rapidly without the cost of building, managing and maintaining its own data centres.

It plans to implement a secondary site with backup servers at The Bunker to ensure it has the ability to scale rapidly in line with demand and support global deployments of its technology. Because of the level of security already offered by The Bunker, DigiSEq were able to achieve their certification within a very short time.