Inspiring confidence with cost-effective Ultra Secure colocation services

Find-a-Part provides an information service for the recycled automotive parts industry. Manufacturing cars and replacement parts generates a significant tonnage of CO2 emissions per year. However, by purchasing auto parts from an environmentally friendly auto recycler saves the environment as well as money.

Find-a-Part has been providing a used auto part location-service for over 30 years. It acts as an intermediary between people needing parts and suppliers of used and recycled parts. The customer posts a request and is contacted by a supplier who can supply the appropriate part.

Products & Services

  • Managed Colocation
  • Dual-site hosting for backup and disaster recovery
  • Network services and security

Ultra Secure customer service for peace of mind

Faced with spiralling colocation costs in London, Find-a-Part was looking for a provider located outside London who could provide a more cost effective solution and the high level of security that it found lacking at data centres in the capital. A key requirement was to maintain services by minimising downtime during the move.

Find-a-Part discovered plenty of space, power and cooling at The Bunker’s Kent facility; services that are increasingly difficult to find in most modern city data centres.

The Bunker is large enough to inspire confidence, as a safe, viable colocation provider, yet flexible enough to be able to meet Find-a-Part’s specific connectivity requirements. The team worked with the existing ISP and took advantage of being ‘carrier neutral’ to provide an innovative solution, that maintained Find-a-Part’s transit IP range and configuration.

The Bunker Colocation solution is an Ultra Secure data centre, located in the company’s military grade facilities outside the high-risk London zones.

The sites are connected to each other and the internet by The Bunker’s own MPLS enabled, fully resilient, redundant, multi-homed gigabit network, and staffed by technical and security staff around the clock.

Benefits delivered

  • Competitively priced.
  • Ultra security combined with 99.9% availability to deliver confidence and peace of mind.
  • Ultra Secure Managed Hosting, Colocation and IT Outsourcing from within UK’s most secure data centres which are outside the M25 yet within easy reach of London.
  • Hardened Source   – a combination of Open Source and proprietary technologies built and integrated in-house by staff following the process and culture that underpins The Bunker‘s security.
  • The Bunker is ISO 27001 accredited and PCI DSS compliant, and bears the BSI Kitemark, which assures clients that security and management procedures are subjected to rigorous, independent testing.