FISCAL Technologies secures customers’ data and wins new deals with The Bunker’s virtual hosting infrastructure

Founded in 2002, innovative fintech company FISCAL Technologies is the leading provider of forensic solutions that empower purchase-to-pay (P2P) teams to protect organisational spend. Ultimately, the company creates software that prevents money from mistakenly or fraudulently leaving an organisation. It offers a variety of forensic solutions that analyse financial transactions across the entire P2P process, finding anomalies, errors, duplicates and identifying potential fraud. With offices in the UK and the US, FISCAL has experienced seven years of profitable growth, with ambitious plans for the future.

The Challenge

FISCAL Technologies’ customers place a premium on their security. Some of their customers require contractual certainty that their data does not come into contact with any organisation that has any kind of relationship with the US or American organisations due to data sovereignty requirements. FISCAL had kept US and UK customers’ data stored in the same data centre in the UK, but subsequently needed to split the data because of this segregation requirement. Whilst FISCAL partnered with a company in the US for their American customers, they found that their previous UK provider, who had been in place for 3 years, did not have adequate measures in place to guarantee adherence to their client’s data sovereignty requirements.
In order to be able to guarantee with complete certainty that they fulfilled the above requirements, FISCAL needed a hosting and infrastructure provider that not only met all the most recent security accreditations, but also had security embedded in everything it did. In particular, adherence to the ISO 27001 security standard –a comprehensive, technology-neutral specification that deploys a risk-based approach going across all sections of an organisation – was key.
Moreover, as an ambitious organisation looking to accelerate its growth, FISCAL needed a partner who could not only keep up with them, but would have both the capacity and the drive to grow with FISCAL and be adaptable to its requirements. Another critical consideration was experience, and FISCAL sought a partner that had a heritage of working with other fintech and financial services firms.

Products & Services

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Ultra Secure military grade Data Centre
  • Agreement (SPLA) Software
  • Multi-homed Internet Bandwidth
  • Microsoft Services Provider License
  • Microsoft and Linux Support

Our Ultra Secure solution

FISCAL embarked on a wide-ranging procurement process – and quickly found that The Bunker stood out for its security provision, which was more comprehensive than any other they had encountered before and covered all the necessary accreditations, including ISO 27001. With a significant amount of experience working in the fintech sector, The Bunker fitted the bill perfectly.
The Bunker’s solution was a virtual environment, with powerful SQL Server databases, load balanced firewalls, and active directory domain controllers. This system delivers not only a robust approach to data and system security, but also the speedy performance and seamless management that FISCAL requires in order to deal with the sheer volume of data and amount of processing that it manages for its customers.

Results & benefits delivered

Demonstrating a high-level of security compliance has provided a powerful new business impetus for FISCAL.
Moreover, the benefits of running a fully virtualised estate are clear to Howard: “In the case of any kind of system failures, we can migrate virtually across to other parts of the infrastructure, massively reducing any potential for downtime – not that it’s been an issue as of yet.”