Providing Flawless Money with an Ultra-Secure Cloud environment

Established in February 2001, Flawless Money is a niche consultancy firm that focuses on payments and deals with the financial regulation of electronic money and other innovative means of payment. The company’s mission is to help organisations assess the implications of regulations and to help shape and maintain compliant business and technical practices.

The challenge

Flawless Money was initially hosting its content in-house, at its own premises. However, as the company continued to grow and its customer base increased, this put strain on Flawless Money’s existing document management servers, which were aging far too quickly and reaching the end of their life.

Additionally, as Flawless Money operates in the financial services sector, the company required an environment that provided a high level of physical and logical security.

Thaer Sabri, CEO and founder of Flawless Money, said: “Having hosted our content on our own servers for a quite long time, we soon recognised the need to move to a professionally managed data centre so we could benefit from sustained scalability as we grow. However, as we operate in the financial services sector, it was critical that we found a partner who valued security and compliance in the same way as our customers do.”

Our Ultra-Secure Cloud solution

Flawless Money wanted to explore options that would change its capital expenditure model to an operational one, whilst still promoting the highest levels of security and compliance standards. Seeking an infinitely scalable, highly resilient and compliant environment, Flawless Money chose The Bunker to supply a secure cloud platform to store its content.

Military grade UK-based facilities combined with vigorous data and system security, due to the control and restriction of physical access, made The Bunker the ideal partner. Additionally, accreditations such as ISO 27001, which are key for the financial services sector, provide Flawless Money and its clients with the assurance that their data is always secure.

Results & benefits delivered

Since working with The Bunker, Flawless Money has been able to benefit from a compliant and resilient platform that can scale with the growth of the company, all without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining servers internally.

Additionally, The Bunker’s well established security posture and experience in the financial services sector, has meant that Flawless Money’s clients have complete confidence that their data is secure.