Ultra Secure solution for a financial document management tool

General Counsel Direct (GCD) is a sophisticated document management tool developed and marketed by General Counsel Limited. It enables corporates, financial institutions and others to communicate and manage company structure to get a better understanding of the relationships between companies, people, assets and the documents that comprise them.

General Counsel Direct has already been used for many millions of dollars in asset privatisation deals and M&A transactions and is used by a number of industrial companies and financial institutions globally. Available on a SaaS model, users are able to quickly access and visualise important company data to build a picture of the business relationships and all associated documentation regarding investors, partners and companies, all from one single place.

Products & Services

  • Ultra Secure military-grade data centres
  • Dual resilient power feeds with backup generators
  • ISO 27001 compliancy
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical and security experts

The Challenge

GCD’s typical customers range from financial institutions, legal firms and industrial companies – who require the highest level of security and compliance to store their valuable internal contracts and agreements.

The information stored in GCD is highly sensitive corporate data. To offer this tool on a SaaS model, GCD needed to find a Colocation service provider who could offer the utmost in data security, compliance and ensure availability.

Our Ultra Secure solution

The Bunker has provided an Ultra Secure location, away from busy city centres, natural disasters and high risk terrorist zones to host the GCD software solution. The military grade data centre offers the ultimate in security, resilience and availability 24/7/365.

The security levels and layers provided by The Bunker are Ultra Secure and meet the high expectations of GCD users.

The Bunker’s Colocation service houses the GCD users sensitive data in the UK, and only in the UK, which is a regulatory requirement to comply with The Data Protection Act and other stringent regulations of their banking and legal customers.

GCD clients are assured that their data is, and remains safe and secure.
The service is backed by The Bunker’s robust SLA, protected with 24/7/365 onsite security and covered by ISO 27001 accreditation.

Benefits delivered

  • Ultra Secure data centre facilities.
  • Data is hosted in the UK only.
  • The Bunker’s ability to offer ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant solutions reassures GCD’s clients.
  • Dedicated infrastructure removes the security risks associated with multi-tenanted public cloud platforms.