Ultra Secure service for security conscious accountants

As part of the Indigo Group, an expert provider of IT solutions for SMEs, Hosted Accountants specialises in the provision of hosted desktop, telephony and other Cloudbased services to accountants, IFAs and other finance professionals across the UK and beyond. Based in Taunton, Somerset, Hosted Accountants enables businesses to connect to their desktop from any location, using any device, safely and securely 24/7/365.

The Challenge

Hosted Accountants were initially working with a local data centre to host and manage the data of over 200 practices and 1500 users. However, with so many legal and accounting firms as customers, data security and integrity is naturally of paramount importance. The team recognised the need for enhanced replication capabilities to assure their customers that their data was safe and secure. Combined with rapidly increasing growth, inflexibility around site visits and price competiveness, Hosted Accountants were quickly out growing their incumbent provider and needed to seek out a new, secure and scalable data centre supplier – fast.

Our Ultra Secure solution

Since moving to The Bunker six months ago, Hosted Accountants are taking advantage of its Ultra Secure dual site Colocation services, effectively reassuring its customers that their data is not only Ultra Secure, it is also ultra available 24/7. Manned a by a team of highly trained technical and security experts 24/7/365, the underground, military grade data centre is providing heightened levels of physical security. As a Cisco authorised dealer, Hosted Accountants has also been able to install its own kit at The Bunker. With the business doubling in size year on year, there is plenty of room to grow as the business develops.

Products & Services

  • Ultra Secure military grade data centres
  • ISO 27001 compliancy
  • Ultra Secure dual site Colocation
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical and security experts

Benefits delivered

  • Over 25TB managed and replicated in the UK
  • Rigorous, highly trained engineers available 24/7/365
  • Dual-site Colocation with data replicated across two nuclear-grade delivery centres
  • Ultra Secure, ultra-available military grade data centre facilities
  • 2 weeks of incremental backups stored across two nuclear-grade delivery centres
  • Ability to offer ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant solutions reassures Hosted Accountants’ clients