Making online business Ultra Secure, ultra flexible

The ICELAB Ltd, based in Sandwich Kent, creates and manages e-commerce sites for clients in the South East of England.  It also operates an online shopping directory called and holds an annual conference and award to help promote Kent’s online shops. The company prides itself on its flexibility, creativity and ability to engage with clients.

Products & Services

  • Secure web platform for e-commerce
  • Plesk web hosting control panel
  • Red Hat operating systems and dedicated Cisco firewall

Diverse high quality technology

ICELAB was looking for a secure web platform for e-commerce that was highly available and configurable. Managing director Alan Noake has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and his requirements focused on the quality of technology combined with reliability, security and 24/7 support.
The Bunker provided a secure web platform with a dedicated firewall and server, built on the Red Hat operating system. This includes the highly versatile Plesk control panel to provide web development managers with complete control over their client portfolio.

As a platform boasting unrivalled reliability and security, this enables the ICELAB to seamlessly manage its portfolio of e-commerce clients, confident it is providing them with the best solution to meet their needs. It is built, hosted and managed by The Bunker and presents an ideal solution for companies in new media and web development that are still growing.

  • The Plesk control panel is easy to use and provides ICELAB with complete control over its client portfolio.
  • Provides 24/7 system and network monitoring and hardware management; monitoring includes ping, ftp, http and https.
  • All Bunker-based applications are protected by The Bunker Protocol , the proprietary, Ultra Secure process framework that includes military grade data centres and Hardened Source , a combination of open source and proprietary technologies.
  • Freelance workers can have remote, secure access to all of The ICELAB clients' sites.
  • Key features include: 100GB p/m bandwidth and 99.9% uptime guarantee, bandwidth usage statistics and UPS backed power.