Ultra Secure availability for card payment processing

Our client is a leading provider of omni-channel payment processing services. With customers from large multi-national organisations to single traders they trust  The Bunker to protect their cardholder and payment data.

Over the last 16 years, they have grown to process transactions from over 15,000 sites in the UK and Ireland. Coverage includes both ‘present’ and ‘not present’ environments for retail, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, and public sector.

Products & Services

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Ultra Secure data centre
  • Managed hosting

Simplified PCI DSS Compliance

Our client outsources their system support and hosting of its Payment Service to The Bunker. This service provides online authorisation and settlement functions to organisations accepting payment cards for purchase of goods and services.

In a typical configuration, our client’s software communicates with a merchant’s point of sale system and the card reader hardware to accept payment. The Payment System also processes fuel cards, electronic gift cards, (ETU, DCC) and other transaction types.
Ensuring PCI DSS Compliance, security and high availability are fundamental requirements.

The Bunker’s 12 point PCI DSS accreditation made them an obvious choice to partner with. The Partnership has helped our client with its QSA process and reduced the scope of its PCI DSS compliance.

By outsourcing to The Bunker, our client can concentrate on delivering high quality business services to its customers. The partnership allows our client to be more flexible in offering new business services to its customers and more agile in its continuously evolving marketplace.

Our Ultra Secure tailored solution

Knowing data is secure is paramount to our clients’ clients and partners. Hosting with The Bunker an Ultra Secure partner emphasises its commitment to security. The Bunker delivers all aspects of a tailored and secure solution from within its ex-MOD nuclear bunker facilities.

From stringent around the clock control of access to the site, to unparalleled levels of digital security and ISO 27001 certified processes, The Bunker’s acknowledged world class security experts designed and support a fully managed secure solution based on our clients’ exact needs and helping ensure the company meets Level 1 PCI DSS Compliance.

Monitored 24/7/365, with dedicated multiple power sources and diverse fiber connectivity to multiple points of presence, The Bunker takes every possible step to ensuring our clients’ payment service is available to its customers at all times.

Benefits delivered

  • Our client enjoys peace of mind thanks to The Bunker’s all-encompassing approach to physical, human and digital security.
  • They benefit from  greater flexibility and agility to concentrate on innovative new solutions while The Bunker proactively manages the security and availability of its existing Payment System.
  • Working in partnership with The Bunker, our clients’ process of achieving PCI DSS Compliance was simple and straightforward.