Ultra Secure, Ultra Confidential total commitment to customer service

myTsafe provides ultra secure online electronic storage for individual and businesses vital documents and digital possessions. Via the cloud myTsafe users gain secure, around the clock access to their most valuable information via internet access anywhere in the world.

  • Managed Services
  • System Design
  • Technical and Security Consultancy

Absolute security and pro-active support

A demonstrable commitment to security and availability is central to myTsafe’s philosophy. myTsafe  needed to find a sufficiently secure environment from which to run its service in order for its customers to have 100% confidence in its claim to provide Ultra Secure online storage accessible only by the account owner.
Excellent digital security was critical, yet on its own was not enough. With ambitious growth plans and a compelling proposition, myTsafe also required inherent flexibility and scalability within the system to support future growth.

A tailored and secure solution

The Bunker delivers all aspects of a tailored and secure solution from within its ex-MOD nuclear bunker facility. From stringent around the clock control of access to the site, to unparalleled levels of digital security and ISO 27001 certified processes, The Bunker’s acknowledged world class security experts designed and support a fully managed solution based on myTsafe’s exact needs.

The system is fully managed and monitored by The Bunker who incorporate a mixture of high quality industry standard security tools and techniques that are designed to wrap around and harden the Windows environment running the myTsafe service.
Monitored 24/7/365, with dedicated multiple power sources and diverse fibre connectivity to multiple points of presence, The Bunker takes every possible step to ensure myTsafe’s customers can access their data at all times.

Benefits delivered

  • myTsafe’s rigorous online security procedures are augmented by The Bunker’s all-encompassing approach to physical, human and digital security processes. Leading to a far greater level of protection of its users’ data than could ever be achieved in-house.
  • myTsafe’s user base continues to expand , with The Bunker’s service growing to support them as required.
  • myTsafe can focus on its core business, safe in the knowledge that The Bunker is proactively managing the availability of the service at all times.