Qolcom meets demand for hosted mobility solutions with The Bunker’s Hosting Infrastructure

Qolcom is a leading UK based integrator of secure wireless network and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions and is the exclusive UK member of The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) serving customers across both the public and private sectors.

The Challenge

Working closely with its GEMA partners, Qolcom makes mobile services simple, reliable and unified, so that organisations can work everywhere, anytime. Many of its customers, from single-site organisations through to multinational conglomerates, approach Qolcom because they’re finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the scale and complexity of managing workforce mobility.

The rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets in the workplace has left organisations struggling to enforce security policies and control mobile access to resources at a granular level. The dynamics of Wi-Fi design have also changed. As access points (APs) have become more intelligent, controllers and proxy appliances can now be deployed on virtualised resources, which lends itself well to a hosted model that overcomes the strain on in-house IT resources.

Our Ultra Secure solution

With each hosted mobility management solution calling for a bespoke environment that includes a specific number of virtual machines (VMs), load balancers, and firewalls, Qolcom required a Hosted Infrastructure that could change and flex according to its end customers’ specifications, as well as accommodate different protocols employed by leading wireless vendors.

It also needed a high availability and highly secure environment, compliant with the UK Government’s Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) standard for Information Security. Qolcom chose The Bunker for its ability to provide a compliant environment that’s available instantly, works in the way it needs it to, and unique blend of Private Hosting Infrastructure delivered on dedicated hardware.

Products & Services

  • Ready-made platform ensures rapid customer on-boarding.
  • Scalability and flexibility of Private Hosting enables expansion of customer base and supports global partnerships
  • Dedicated resources guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of applications and data, with CESG compliancy and UK data sovereignty assured.

Results & Benefits delivered

Working closely with The Bunker has enabled Qolcom to meet the requirements of its expanding customer base with mobile and Wi-Fi solutions that can be hosted onsite or offsite and managed remotely by Qolcom.

For end customers, it means wireless networks and mobile devices are managed in a way that contributes to corporate success – with highly granular control of devices and policies ensuring users can only access the resources they need to be more productive, while data is kept completely secure.

Qolcom continues to see rapid growth in demand for its solutions, which are offered globally under the GEMA partnership. This model is driving a cross-pollination of offerings. For example, a global Wi-Fi network can be deployed with Qolcom hosting the controllers at The Bunker’s UK data centres and the solution delivered in another country by GEMA’s local partner, and vice versa.

With a relatively small base of solutions currently running within The Bunker’s managed hosting environment, Qolcom expects the system to grow in the near future. As it extends its reach beyond traditional customers and expands it user base of larger organisations, the scalability assured by The Bunker’s Private Hosting Infrastructure provides Qolcom with the agility it needs to increase service revenues and drive customer loyalty.