Finding the right partner to deliver exceptional peace of mind

Established in 1995, Sitekit has consistently maintained its position at the forefront of web content management systems (CMS) development in the UK. Its customers include corporations, government organisations and enterprises in the financial, technology, travel and healthcare sectors. Sitekit is passionate about ensuring customers and partners have control over every aspect of their website.

Products & Services

  • Redundant, resilient connectivity
  • Colocation within an ultra secure, military-grade data centre
  • UPS generator-backed power

Eight times the industry power standard

Sitekit was searching for a hosting partner that could fulfil its requirement to accommodate high-powered racks, housing the latest blade technology. The key requirement was for a bespoke solution, within an established data centre that offered Ultra Secure facilities and sufficient capacity to meet Sitekit’s considerable space, power and cooling needs.
Sitekit found the ideal partner in The Bunker. The combination of ex-MOD architecture and the government’s 1990 build specification for the housing of high-powered military machines provided a high specification and secure home for Sitekit’s equipment.

Sitekit’s racks plug into The Bunker’s robust power supply which ensures a committed 20 amp power-feed per rack, and the capacity to burst up to a full 32 amp if required. This is more than eight times the industry standard.

All Bunker-based applications are protected by The Bunker Protocol   , a proprietary, Ultra Secure, process framework. This, combined with the layers of resilience in The Bunker power and cooling infrastructure, made it possible to deliver the critical peace of mind that Sitekit and its customers were looking for.

Benefits delivered

  • Outside of the high risk London zones, yet within easy reach of the capital, The Bunker’s data centre in Kent provides sufficient space, power and the services that are increasingly difficult to find in most modern city data centres.
  • The tailored solution provides a perfect fit with Sitekit’s precise and demanding requirements.
  • Added peace of mind is provided by The Bunker Protocol   , a proprietary, Ultra Secure, process framework that protects all Bunker based applications.
  • Extra layers of resilience are built into The Bunker solution, particularly when it comes to power supply and cooling infrastructure.