Privacy specialist partners with The Bunker and sees business bloom

Based in London, trust-hub is an innovative software house with a powerful platform specifically designed to manage personal data within an organisation. With a large team of diverse experts, this flexible, modular platform is used by private and public sector customers to understand their personal data eco-system, ensuring all data remains compliant, secure and meets current and upcoming data protection laws.

The Challenge

Ian Bryant, COO at trust-hub, explains: “Our platform has been developed from the ground up with Privacy by Design at its heart. We needed a partner with the same values as us – placing security and compliance at the top of the agenda – to help design, build and operate this state of the art encryption tool right first time. Security could simply not be an afterthought half way through development.”

Our Ultra Secure Solution

“We looked at several companies who could provide a highly secure physical infrastructure for the platform,” Ian continues, “The Bunker were able to provide an environment which matched our rigorous proposal and strict requirements.”

The Bunker has provided a dedicated virtualised environment at its military grade, UK-based, accredited data centre for the trust-hub solution, with strict access control, PCI compliancy and UK centralised backups.

Ian continues: “The Bunker could see the opportunity to grow with us and we were impressed with everything they offered. It’s an ultra secure environment, accredited by all the bodies we need, where networks aren’t routed out of the UK. It’s also delivered as an Infrastructure as a Service solution, which fits in perfectly with our own business model.”

Products & Services

  • Dedicated virtualised environment
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical expertise
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Key accreditations and compliancy
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Private access control
  • Ultra Secure military grade datacentre

Results & Benefits Delivered

The ultra secure environment offered by The Bunker has accelerated the development of the trust-hub platform and enabled the business to confidently build a secure solution from the ground up and get to market faster.

Working with The Bunker, trust-hub now has access to a larger, dedicated, highly skilled team of experts available on demand, which helps control costs while providing the opportunity to grow in a secure, dedicated virtualised environment.

The physical security, along with key accreditations ensure trust-hub and their customers feel confident that their data remains secure.

Future Plans

As the company’s footprint continues to grow, trust-hub expects to take advantage of The Bunker’s other service offerings. Ian concludes: “The Bunker recognised immediately where we wanted to be. Privacy by Design is part of our DNA – just like The Bunker. We have developed a true partnership and we look forward to continuing on our journey together.”