Cost-effective secure cloud storage with infinite capacity

The Bunker’s secure cloud storage provides a competitively priced, compliant solution, with the highest levels of security and availability.

Features Include:

  • Storage architecture: Object storage from Cleversafe
  • Security: 256-bit encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Redundancy: Three Ultra Secure data centre sites in the UK
  • Near limitless scalability: Manage big data at petabyte levels (1,000,000 gigabytes) and beyond
  • Open architecture: Integrate Cleversafe gateway with any big data application, eg: Hadoop
  • Compliant: Fully compliant for PCI DSS, FSA regulation, ISO 27001

We also support a wide range of servers, applications, hypervisors and databases, including: NAS, SAN, Windows, Linux, MAC, Oracle, Exchange, VMware and Hyper-V.

The true value of a backup is only proven when it’s restored. With The Bunker you can be sure that should the worst happen, you have the best solution in place – and with the full support of our skilled experts who have experience of thousands of successful recoveries.

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The Bunker’s Object Storage is a cost-effective and highly secure alternative to Public Cloud storage that guarantees data sovereignty. It allows data to be managed as objects in a single storage pool where every object exists at the same level. Since it’s not dependent on a centralised server, Object Storage overcomes the challenges of conventional block-based storage and is ideal for Cloud and distributed computing systems.

Our technology partner Cleversafe takes the advantages of object storage even further. The technology is able to ‘slice and dice’ data, running it concurrently in multiple data centre locations to provide up to ‘ten nines’ of availability. This self-healing technology offers unprecedented flexibility, infinite capacity and limitless scalability – slashing costs by reducing the need for duplication, and freeing you from the straitjacket that traditional data storage has become.

The costs associated with storing vast amounts of data are one of the largest budget line items for IT departments. By moving data that is accessed rarely onto a more cost effective archive storage environment, you can make substantial savings by freeing space on expensive near line storage platforms and reducing the requirement for capital expenditure.

The Bunker uses data analysis to drive down the costs associated with data storage. Our Data Analysis and Reporting Service provides you with clear visibility of the types and use of your data, with a report that profiles storage by usage patterns, data types and volumes. The report also presents a cost benefit analysis and provides recommendations on how and where savings can be achieved.