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Managed Hosting

We blend the best dedicated infrastructure, platforms and applications to create a tailored solution to match your specific managed hosting requirements.

Using our specialist expertise in building, maintaining and supporting open source platforms and Microsoft applications, we alter the dynamics of conventional managed hosting to deliver agile, peak-performance and ultra secure services.

Delivered together with an exceptionally high standard of digital, physical and human security, our bespoke services are designed with you in mind and eliminate the pain associated with compliance, stability and security.

Open source

Modern businesses rely on stable, high-performance and secure software to drive success. Efficiency, transparency, and the ability to adapt and integrate seamlessly into the existing environment, are key when it comes to building and maintaining an open source platform.

True open source expertise is a rare commodity. Our specialists have decades of experience in a range of systems including:

  • OpenBSD for network security devices
  • Ceph for distributed block storage
  • OpenNebula for private cloud orchestration
  • Nginx for webservers
  • Haproxy for load-balancing
  • Ansible for configuration management

They take the time to understand our business requirements and will work with you to create a cost-effective platform to meet your needs.

We offer a complete end-to-end service. From the design, build, operating system and application server, through to optimisation, integration, management of the platform and proactive monitoring together with continuous support. We’re here with you every step of the way.

Not only that, we challenge the status quo by reevaluating and fine-tuning this technology on an on-going basis, ensuring you keep up with the rapid pace of change.


Fast, reliable, secure applications are a necessity for modern business. Microsoft offers a range of capabilities to facilitate operations and drive business growth.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we build Microsoft servers on industry-leading dedicated infrastructure – from single server fintech platforms through to enterprise clustered applications.

Our specialist team has a long track record of success in delivering bespoke solutions and offering a complete end-to-end service. We get to know your business inside out enabling us to build, monitor and manage your Microsoft platforms in line with your business goals.

From the operating system, to the server, performance tuning and end-user support, we’re your dedicated consultant when it comes to developing, supporting and managing Microsoft applications.

Our automated systems ensure consistent, cost-effective delivery, with tested and pre-validated templates built in line with best practice. The highest level of security is assured via Hardened Windows operating systems and up to four additional levels of security, each with full encryption.

We provide access to Windows applications and hosting tools including:

  • Citrix secure hosted applications and desktop
  • MS SQL
  • MS SharePoint services
  • MS Remote Desktop services
  • MS Exchange
  • Windows Server with Hyper-V

24x7 support

We’re your specialist consultant. We value strong client relationships, which is why our dedicated on-site support team are available 24x7x365 to ensure the successful delivery and smooth-running of everything we offer.

24x7x365 state-of-the-art technical monitoring of networks, servers and applications is offered at all our UK data centres. Real-time firewall monitoring, intrusion detection, robust physical security and environmental maintenance also ensure maximum availability and the highest level of security around the clock.

We deliver ultra secure hosting, maximum resilience, 100% uptime to date and the ultimate in data protection for every customer.

Migration services

We adopt a service-centric approach to secure migration. Our multi-layered methodology for discovery starts with physical assets, working through to services and applications, and underpins planning, logistics and infrastructure engineering tasks. Supported by PRINCE2 accredited project managers and executed within highly secure proof of concept facilities and test environments, our approach ensures a low risk and cost-effective migration completed within defined timescales and to budget.

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Our Accreditations

  • ISO 27001
  • CITRIX Partner
  • First
  • G-Cloud Accredited
  • ITIL Service Management
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • NHS IGSoC Approved
  • RIPE NCC Member
  • Tech UK
  • Veeam Gold Cloud & Service Provider Partner