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Creating technological solutions for the financial sector is especially complex given the sensitivity of the data involved. Failure to take appropriate risk management and mitigation steps in using this data can result in disaster.

A strong heritage of Fintech customers

Companies within the finance industry trade on trust. No matter how innovative your solution, convincing a typical traditional Financial Services company to adopt and work with an early stage company can be a challenge. Unless you're a Fintech working with The Bunker.

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Auditable Assurance

Responding to the growing assurance requirements of all organisations, The Bunker is committed to a continual assurance approach - ready for independent audit at anytime by existing or potential customers. The dynamic approach allows our Fintech clients - and ultimately their own customers - to be fully confident in our IT processes.

Your clients remain rest assured data protection and compliance requirements are met and your services are highly available, ultra secure and fully reliable.

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Complete Compliance - Business As Usual

In the highly regulated Financial Services market, compliance matters. The Bunker has embedded ISO 27001 throughout its entire operations for the last 8 years and works alongside customers to offer early warning guidance on new data regulations and standards as they materialise to ensure you remain fully compliant. 24/7/365.

We are accredited to and compliant with:

ISO 27001
PCI DSS v3.1 (all 12 requirements and on the VISA list)
G-Cloud 8
IL-official with IL-rated facilities and RMADS in place
NHS IGSoC Approved
ITIL Service Management

"Compliance is simply 'Business as Usual' at The Bunker. It's just how we do it."

Technology And Fintech: Building A Stronger Solution

Our technology team offers unparalleled experience and expertise in building solutions to meet your application development needs and they do this for all our Fintech clients.

The Bunker's experts are renowned for building great relationships with our customers' technical teams, developing a deep understanding of the infrastructure and applications they manage, and their business operations too. Our specialists are available 24x7x365 to provide the support your technical resources need.

The Bunker also boasts a team of Open Source specialists and delivers Open Source environments that are highly secure and agile. We provide the IT infrastructure platform, up to and including the operating system, application server, and inclusive of the application and end user support - whatever you require to achieve your application development and business goal.

A Culture Of Security

With our strong heritage of Fintech customers, The Bunker is used to working with some of the most security conscious and heavily regulated businesses in the UK. As the GDPR approaches, it will be necessary for all organisations, no matter their industry, to take security and compliance more seriously than ever before.

The Bunker's continuous service improvement cycle constantly scans for new security risks, to ensure our ultra secure hosting and managed services remain ultra secure, 24x7x365.

"We treat the data you hold on behalf of your customers just like it's our own."

The Bunker takes security seriously. It's what we do. Just ask our clients

Our Data Centres - The Most Secure Facilities In The UK

It's the perfect fit for the highly sensitive, highly regulated, highly secure Financial Services industry.

Located within purpose built ex-Ministry of Defence facilities and guarded 24/7/365 by our onsite security personnel many of whom are military trained, our fully owned UK data centres are secure by design.

Combined with major investment in power, cooling, fire suppression and Carrier Neutral connectivity, our data centres are IL Official rated, and provide a highly secure, flexible and compliant environment for production, backup, test and development, or disaster recovery infrastructure and platforms.

"Over half of The Bunker's business is in the Fintech space."

The Bunker

Why the Bunker?

Many of our clients don't inherently value security or are told to be compliant, but they sell to people who are. And that's the key.

A unique package

Our clients know there is a clear competitive advantage of working with The Bunker: It's our auditability, our secure culture, our guaranteed UK data sovereignty, our commitment to compliance, our unrivalled environment and our exclusive locations.

This unique package is our key differentiator and remains unrivalled in the industry.

We Understand Fintech

Combined with our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Fintech market, along with our strong reputation among many Financial Services companies, working with The Bunker gives your clients the confidence that their systems will be secure and available and when due diligence is performed, that their environment will be fully compliant.

Your customers trust you because you work with us.

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